Looking Back at 2021, Gearing For Launch
Kyle Li, Jo Gao - Fri Jan 21 2022 - #Update #Engineering

2021 has been an exciting year for Feather.

We’ve made massive strides towards reaching feature parity with key players in our field, expanded our team, and have plans for even more in 2022 (including a public launch!).

P.S. Stay tuned until the end of the video Progress Report to view a demo of Feather in action through long distances (Atlanta → New York).

Progress So Far

Over the past year we’ve done a lot to rapidly build up a prototype, and have finally reached a point where we’ve been using it on your own workflows.

Remote Desktop: FeatherStream currently allows users to access their full desktop remotely from any other PC utilizing webRTC.

Cross OS Support: We have successfully configured CI for this project to automatically give us Linux, Windows, and MacOS builds for testing.

Multi-Server Support: To prepare for future plans in load balancing, FeatherStream allows you to set up and connect to multiple servers from the same client device, seamlessly across multiple devices and vice versa.

All of this has brought Feather up to speed with other remote desktop solutions in months, building the core of our future innovations.

The Feather Vision

Feather isn’t simply a Remote Desktop. In fact, we looked at the clunky existing remote desktop and VDI infrastructure and found it unusable. It’s not their fault. The fact is that simply streaming the entire desktop as a video can never feel like you’re natively browsing windows on your machine.

Feather isn’t a Remote Desktop because it’s a way for you to transform your home PC into a router for processing power itself. Anyone connected to your local Wi-Fi network should be able to accelerate the processing power they have available on the weakest of devices. Connecting to another machine should feel as smooth as running an app on your own device… and making these connections should be as simple and easily understood as connecting to Wi-Fi itself.

Looking Forward

We’re a little ambitious, and it won’t be easy. This year, we have a few steps planned to achieve our vision.

Individual Windows: Moving forward, we will implement application-level video streaming so users can access specific programs remotely. Users will be able to use different applications with a near-native experience.

Cross-Platform Files: We will add a shared clipboard mechanism so users can copy and paste between their local and remote devices without problems. We will be setting up a file system view for users to be able to access both local and remote files and a way to transfer and share files between devices.

Alpha Testing: We will continue to improve and develop our testing framework to start multiple instances of FeatherStream and help us release more robust versions of this product.

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It has been an exciting year as we begin to gear up to bring Feather into the public eye. Lots have been celebrated, improved, and learned. We have exciting news planned for our next monthly update, so stay tuned to learn more because even we can’t wait to see what comes next.

  • Feather Team